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The Wyoming Association for Career and Technical Education (WACTE) provides activities for teachers, counselors, and administrators that both support and enhance career and technical education programs throughout the state. Members obtain staff development through local, regional, and national conferences and workshops. A leadership workshop is provided to the officers of the organization, the seven division presidents and president-elects, and appointed committee chair-persons. Information is also disseminated to stakeholders via many modes of communication. Business and industry input is essential to the validity of Career and Technical Education programs. Many teachers connect with business representatives from around the state together to dialogue about the business and industry perspective. WACTE is dedicated to maintaining communication with these representatives.

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ACTE Is In Your Corner. WACTE and it’s parent organization, ACTE, is a recognized leader in legislative advocacy, and we work year-round with education policymakers and organizations to build national support and funding for CTE. Our advocacy positively affects your work on a daily basis, and we are proud to lead the charge for the cause of CTE. But we need you. When you join ACTE, you add your voice to ours. There is significant strength in numbers, and our cause becomes more powerful with every CTE professional who joins us. Our growing membership will drive the message home in D.C. and ensure the future we want for our vital profession. Together, we stand strong. Stand with us, join WACTE today!

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WACTE fosters relationships with corporations that support career and technical education (CTE) and leverage student potential, ultimately leading to innovation, increased productivity and heightened creativity in the workforce. A tremendous opportunity to expand your network with CTE educators, stakeholders, and programs, your WACTE Corporate Membership connects you to our thriving community of CTE Professionals and contributes to our country’s efforts to thrive economically and compete globally. Corporate Membership dues are $250.00 Per Year.

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