Message from the WACTE President

The WACTE conference in Buffalo was wonderful! It was so great to see old friends, meet new members in person, and have time to catch up with each other. We had amazing educational sessions, great tours, wonderful speakers and hands-on activities. We had time to learn new ideas for one another and shared new ideas to use in the classroom. Preconference activities offered additional training to teachers for curriculum to use for further advancement for Wyoming CTE students. A very special thank you goes to Governor Gordon, Superintendent Balow, Senator Kinskey, Senator Wasserburger, and Representative Paxton for taking time to stop by and visit with members. Thanks to the City of Buffalo, local and area businesses, Johnson County School District, and Johnson County Fairgrounds for hosting the event. We must say the food at the different events was amazing! What a wonderful city! Big thanks to our sponsors: WyoTech at the Platinum level, WDE-CTE as our Diamond level, with Associated General Contractors of Wyoming, CEV Multimedia, Wyoming Mining Association, Wyoming Business Alliance, and Wyoming Construction on Coalition at the Gold level, and at the Silver level with Casper College, University of Wyoming College of Business as well as University of Wyoming Trustees Education Initiative. Each one of these sponsors assisted promoting CTE through allocation with WACTE’s mission of, “providing educational leadership in developing a competitive workforce”. To learn more about becoming a sponsor, corporate member, or WACTE education member, check out the rest of our website, follow us on Facebook, or send us an email. As we get ready for another year of education with CTE students, I wish everyone a great school year. Teachers do not forget to thank local businesses as well. Without them, we may not have a place for Wyoming students to work in the future with the skills they need in the workplace. Get involved with WACTE today.


Denise Laursen
WACTE President

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